Back To university / Wk1

Back at university!!! and so far its been pretty slow. So far i’ve had to hand in some of my dissertation, gate crashed a tutor trip and went on a trip today with my group but unfortunately no tutor.

I’m sure once the feedback has been given for the dissertation work in progress the projects and things to do will mount up, but at the moment its nice and relaxed.

So yesterday the new tutor group & myself went to the design museum to see “Design to Win” which runs 26 July – 18 November and it “celebrates the ways in which design and sport are combined, pushing the limits of human endeavour to achieve records and victories of increasing significance and wonder. From the design of F1 cars to running shoes, bats, balls and bicycles, the quest for enhanced performance and function is endless.”

The brief we was given before this visit was to visit the design museum, specifically “Design to Win” and go through the exhibition in two minds, that of a visitor and that of a designer.

In terms of a visitor the idea was to look at the objects and how you experienced the exhibit, also we had to figure out what the themes were within the show and the political implications of these themes.

As a designer we had to think about the way in which we show was navigated as well as the various channels of communication used. Also the text and image ratio, things that were missed and how it could be improved overall.

As a visitor I would say that there was a sufficient amount of content to look at, enough to feel like it was worth going but not too much to get bored. Experiencing how it works? Well it works as you walk around and read bits about each piece? (Not really sure what kind of question that is meant to be)
The themes within the exhibition are sport, technology advancements, performance, fashion and safety as well as fairness.

All of these pieces of design that are used to enhance performance are regulated. This regulation is in order to keep the sport fair, so that no one person had an advantage over another.
I guess the political implications come from the fact that sport is very patriotic. A country is represented through one person or a team of people. Sport can be used to influence democracy. For example sport can bring people together in an attempt to break down social barriers.
However it can also be a negative, for example the 1936 Olympics, hitler used this event to project his ideologies. Hitler apparently believed that sport was a “way to weed out the weak, Jewish, and other undesirables.”

As a designer I felt that the exhibition had a clear structure in the way you was meant to engage with it.
When entering the room there was a numbers on the floor next to each side room. Naturally you always start at number one. This was quite a subtle way to prompt the visitor to look at the content, without making it obvious with arrows. I feel there was three channels of communication, interactive, audio and visual (text). In terms of hierarchy the text was top, then interactive and audio together.

The text to image ratio was even / I wouldn’t say I missed anything, some people felt that seating would be nice to have.

Ways to improve the exhibition would be to change the way in which the text was printed. On the small cardboard signs the text was glossy which made it difficult to read if stood at the wrong angle. Also it did seem slightly a bit too dim. Slightly more lighting would be great.


After this visit we had to create a A4 PDF as “boring / neat ” as possible. It should feel like it is from a exhibition surveyor. Can include images or visuals.

Seems like a easy task. But its not!

So this is what I have come up with. I would say this is pretty boring. Apart from the sheer excitement of using bold… so that maybe too much. But I have gone for the system of using the visitor and designers as two columns. The bold is the subject and the medium text is the explanation/answer. I used meta a type choice as this is a typeface used on forms, so as this is a kind of survey, I thought that would be an okay choice. Plus its not to “in your face” . I think its pretty neat, All the spaces are either 6mm, 12mm, or 24mm. Same for the typeface, 12pt, 24pt, or 48pt. so its all nicely related. I’m probably over thinking what is wanted of us. But this is it for now.

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