New Introduction / 226 Words

Had some really positive feedback about my dissertation so far. But have some major editing and rewriting to do. My writing has really stepped away now from the ideas of good design and what it is to a more complex issue surround typography and how type can affect society, places, systems etc. Below is my new introduction but it needs a lot of work still, I may cut out the middle section to do with ornamentation all together as it doesn’t feel completely relevant, but I feel that I need to mention where my topic came from.



This piece of writing examines the relationship between typography and meaning in connection to the systematic order and structure of modern society. The study will investigate this topic by looking at the typographic structure associated with movement and travel in modern life after the industrial revolution.

This inquiry is based on the hypothesis that a modern society has no need for decoration in design. Ornament and decoration has been an issue since the early 1800’s. For example, Richard Redgrave’s essay “Utility which must be considered before ornamentation” expresses Redgrave’s anxiety that utility had not been the primary concern for the designer. Another key essay that propelled these issues was Adolf Loos and his essay “Ornament is crime” written in 1908. The effects of the industrial revolution created a rejection of decoration. The concern of use and purpose was reflected not just in design but aspects of society and how people traveled.

The topics to be discussed are of importance because typography in the context of movement and modern society has an implicit connection to technology, control, social classes, speed and politics. The aim of this dissertation is to discuss the way that typographic style and standardization is related to movement and travel. It will explore the reasons to why design changed and how the reject ornamentation, in favor of a modernism affected society, movement and travel.

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