Function, fun, -ction / Wk2

The second week of university has been far mire productive than the first. I’ve received feedback for my dissertation and i’ve been working on that (brand new case study and editing sections) and I also went to a lecture by Phil Baines about books, what they are, their purpose, and other pieces.

This week I also learnt to make and bind a small book, I’m pretty sure I wont remember the stitching though.

Finally I took part in my first of 3 situation briefs. This first brief was with Marc Wood a visiting lecturer and we had to use a statement that we felt represented our thoughts, feelings, beliefs in design.
Well… I thought I was ready for this, I had my statement ready which was,

Design is about communicating in the clearest possible way with the medium being a conscious design choice, that is used to enhance the purpose/meaning/message rather than be seen as an outcome of a logical design process

As you could imagine I thought that sounded pretty intelligent. I had it all planned of how I was going to used a bold typeface as I felt that this statement was confident and bold… etc

However this was the worst statement possible. Literally I couldn’t make anything that was “Fun” as this workshop was meant to be. To throw it out there when it comes to design I don’t know how to have “fun” I like to create something with purpose and meaning not something that is good looking for the sake of it.

So after 5 hours of me considering a career path change I decided that functional isn’t fun. That I don’t know how to do that. AND DING! the light bulb moment came. This is probably a truer statement for me. That I can’t seem to find the “FUN” in functional. I decided that this is what I was going to do, I show this through a generic modernist typeface.

After this Marc came over saying how it was so clever what I had done, and kept mentioning how I had made a new word… and he was also saying about the “C” I was totally confused by this, then everyone else clocked on that I spelt function wrong, not intentionally at all, I thought it was spelt funtion. Either way I still think it works, even more so with the correct spelling.

I want to take this a bit further and try and look at it in a positive way rather than a negative, and so I will trying to find the “fun” in functional. I will have play around with typefaces and colours and see where I get to. But I do feel like if I do it well enough it could be my first ever truly person piece of design work for my portfolio.

Next week it’s solid work on dissertation with more lectures and another situation brief which is actually connected to my dissertation.


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