Conclusion / 271 words


This piece of writing has investigated the issues surrounding typography and its relation to the organised structures and systems in society. In this enquiry the aim was to access how these typographic systems affected the movement and mobility of the masses.

The research has shown that design and society from around the 1900’s changed due to the industrial revolution. This revolution was one of the main contributing factors that created a shift in social and culture attitudes, which allowed the change in typographical design to progress. As well as this technological developments allowed people to move freely and in a new way.

In general the study supports the idea that a typography is defined by an area as well as being used to control and surface or space. However this does also suggest that there could be some negative consequences of standardised type, such as restricted movement and therefore lack of social progress.

The study confirms preceding findings and contributes extra evidence that suggests that modern typography design is determined via social, economical and political issues and that typography design and its usage is something that must be explored in context to develop a deeper understanding of its uses and well as the results of its use.

This investigation has only examined a small section of movement and speed. Typography was the main focus within the research however in future studies other design elements such as image could be explored. This would allow for a broader study. It would also be interesting to examine the effects of modern design with respect to the international style and its effects on national identity.


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