Productivity / Wk3

This week seems to of flown by, I literally can’t believe its the end of the 3rd week of uni already.
I’ve seemed to got ahead of schedule for the first dissertation hand in so i’ve been able to spend some time with my friends as well as have think about the visual element of my dissertation (more on that next week)

At the moment there isn’t really proper studio projects just weekly situation briefs. This weeks situation was more dissertation based and we had to look at our work so far, on a deeper level. Not editing and spell checking, but really looking at what we needed to add, what pieces of information was missing to make sure our writing made sense as well as covered all bases and loose ends.

We was meant to take along our whole dissertation which I didn’t realise to begin with so it took me around and hour to get the bloody thing printed. Either there was no printers, no paper and then finally I had no money on my card! But eventually got it printed.
First of all we looked at a simplification of our writing and how we could turn it into a question. From then on we looked at what our aims & objects were and from this we had to look through our writing as see if we did what we had set out to do.

^ This is a process of using different pens to mark out a found information, a quote to prove it, and then an opinion on the above.
There was a lot of stressing though, may of us had conflicting ideas about what was expected of us or formats that the work was meant to be in.

We also had to draw our dissertation, what it looks like at the moment, this way we could also see if there was any loose connections and how to fit all the information together. A lot of the group had pretty abstract drawings. However mine was pretty straight forward, quite logical. I think I may of came across like I didn’t want to do the task or was just being “safe” in my work, but the thing is I started this project in August, therefore I’ve spent a lot of time on it and i’ve had time to think of the structure of all the work. Perhaps this situation would have been more helpful to me two or so months ago when I was unsure of what I wanted to write about, as currently i’m pretty sure of what i’m doing and what needs to be done.

On wednesday we had a lecture by Joel Gethin Lewis who spoke about open source. The lecture was titled “What happens if we give everything away” Which is a great question, as design students we are all super conscious of people stealing our work or ideas. This lecture looked at ideas and projects in a different perspective. By allowing people to use, change, edit even copy work, you’re allowing the possibility of it becoming better.

He spoke of open source as not just coding or comptuery things but as a concept in general. Many of the questions from students at the end were surround the ideas of stealing or copying work. But he was pretty confident that them issues did not matter at all.

This lecture was definitely an eye opener. For example I run the risk of my dissertation being copied as I publish it online, but I think that its helpful to others as well as showing people what I am up to. People can read my work, talk to me about it, it can help them in writing their own dissertation, it can help them understand theories I have explored from another perspective… If I had not read so much information online perhaps I wouldn’t be able to produce the writing that I have. I agree with Joel that sharing work is important.

I’m looking forward to next weeks lecture, not sure what it is mind… but I would say that the lecture from Joel was one of the funniest as well as interesting I heard in a long long long time!

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