Visualising Dissertation / Wk 4-5

I didn’t feel like there was anything to post about last week as I handed my work in and pretty much slacked off and didn’t do much concerning my dissertation or visualising it.
So this week now I have my feedback (which mostly spoke of careful editing, but all my case studies are good!) for my dissertation I can make edits to the text and try to fully engage with the visual aspect.

Today I took part in another situation brief that aimed to get the group to mix up the key parts of their dissertation and see how they linked together and what was it about that connection that made you think it was interesting.

I took the words Technological advancement, Mobility, Standardisation, Typography, Society, as I felt that these words focused on the main points and themes I brought up within my writing.
We put all our words together and were then split into groups of 3, no

w with all the words we had to create an A2 poster that had all 72 words and showed a connection/interest.

Within my group we naturally tried to categories the words into sub groups and then we looked at how they connected to each other. From this we wanted to look more so at the trends within the map, and what did it suggest.


We decided that the Anthropology & Language sort of went hand in hand, as well as Time & Technology, finally this left us with Print & Art – art being the bigger title and print being a subsection. This kind of grouping suggested that there was a process that all the dissertations looked at. Firstly it was to do with the individual/person/experience/ideas, then it went on to a process for example time/space/technology/movement, which resulted into an output/expression/art/message.


Funnily enough after this, another group had been working on the same idea, in that the words we had  resembled some kind of a process.

We also spoke about our own projects and how the visual piece might look. It was made clear to us that our visual does not have to summarise our whole dissertation, it can merely take the most interesting point or information from it. This explanation was a big help as many of us felt that a book or something was expected (well it seems the typical dissertation format)

So far I have decided that there are a few points that I want to rise, but they are all a bit different and talk about different aspects of my dissertation so I really need to pin point one of them as that would be easier than trying to convey many.

My main points of interest at this time are;

– the process of mapping and how this standardises a space (Navigation / control / mobility / freedom)
– Underlying systems whether mapping or social / typographical (sort of the same as above)
– How typography can affect someones behaviour…

Really these ideas link so I need to just create a concise statement but ultimately I am interested in the ideas of what is freedom… a map/ road signs/ timetable is a system used for mobility to enable freedom but they way in which they are created forces a kind of restraint ( whether in their design – such as grids/ or literally)

Tomorrow I’ll be editing my written work, sending it off for approval as well as working on a mind map of ideas and visuals for my final piece… tomorrow will be 3 weeks till hand in. O H  M Y  G O D


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