Situation 4&5… / Wk 6

So some how I have managed do 3 projects officially and another two some where along the line. As a group we were told 3 maximum, but I tagged along to other group projects if there was space.

This week I was meant to do Paulus’ situation brief, which I did, but before that I did Kira’s brief which was to redesign the telephone and save icons/symbols as they are now effectively outdated. A telephone doesn’t look like the handle and cord like it represents and when saving files, who saves them to a floppy disk?

This project wasn’t about just getting stuck in and drawing (well it was later on) but about dissecting what a symbol and icon actually mean, what was their purpose.

Once we had come to some kind of group agreement of what these words meant, we attempted to try and create a smell, texture and sound for both the telephone and saving process. This was really hard as you can imagine, what does a saving smell like?
There was some great responses and it was fun to try and think out the box and look at the project at another angle.

Finally we could begin drawing. We had all come to the decision that it a telephone should not be an image of an actual device as this would because the same problem again. If we had a symbol of an iphone, in 10 years it wont work… plus not everyone has an iphone therefore they wont know what it means. The same with saving, I might save to a USB stick, where someone else may use a external hard-drive.
We decided that we should represent the process of doing these actions, the action of using a telephone, the action of saving something, this was the icon could have longevity.

The telephone, and the interaction of conversation is probably the hardest thing I have ever had to represent, we worked in groups, but even still we got rather stumped very quickly!
I finally came up with something super quick and silly, that speak bubbles look like too faces from the side, sort of like two faces perhaps talking.

Next we started on the save icon, this was much easier as we were now in the process of thinking visually and more conceptually. It is quite hard to try create something new when the process of saving is something that you have done many times and with the same symbol.

We came up with a system that would be on programmes that you were using. There were 3 stages that showed a document in progress, that is being edited without saved changes, the second was the saving, and finally there was an icon for final save. As a design student I seem to end up with files called, FINAL… FINAL FOR PRINT… FINAL FINAL FINAL! And we hoped this last icon, a kind of a locked file would stop this odd renaming which didn’t really mean anything.

Thursday was Paulus’ talk, it was all to do with paper and production. It was good to hear this kind of information but the processes he was talking about was far to advanced for us. Talking about B size pages so that we could fit 16pgs on to one sheet etc I’m it was helpful information but I have to create 3 bespoke books next week, one of each, so this system was not helping me, but he did other help for the layouts that I had so far for my dissertation so that was great. More dissertation work next week!

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