Dissertation: It’s all over…

SO ITS OVER…NEARLY  – Well on Tuesday at 10am it is, once I have handed over all of my work.
However I’m done and ready for this, I finalised and put all the finishing touches to my work this morning so I’m really in front my schedule, which means I can start on my new project already.

Below I’ve put some pictures of my final stages of putting my dissertation visual piece together.
I was thinking about writing my modes of design here also, but literally 1000 words is not enough for me to write what I want to say, so I’d be here all day explaining every design decision I made!

But in short, my visual pieces look at the systems, structures and standards within typography and how these systems are flexible allowing for multiple variations.

Over All I’d say I’m pretty pleased with it all. There are some things I would change respectively, such as all my printed pieces having hard back covers, therefor when creating the sleeves for them I could make really precise measurements for the sleeves. Also the white text on the covers, maybe if I used screen printing I could of had the titles rather than just numbers for each book.

I used the printers at uni to print out my spreads for my second book, bit of pain as the alignment was off by a few mm each time, so using a baseline grid throughout my work was slightly pointless as the text doesn’t line up 100% anyway…

Should of used a thinner/smaller needle! It made the wholes a bit too big!

All three books/printed pieces with sleeves, numbered using Letraset. I will buy some more Letraset, its quite fun having to try and kern it yourself. (Its Helvetica Condensed) 

One piece of text – my dissertation – in three different ways.

I spent quite a while trying to figure out how to stop my books from moving around as I remember Paul saying that its bad if your works rattling around, also it would change the way my work was meant to be presented, as it has to really be left aligned.

AND DONE! Labelled on all sides just to make sure, so whatever way they are stacked it should be clear who’s box it is.

Overall it has been good to spend a long time writing on something and to look at something a bit different to just graphic design.
So now its time to go straight into unit 10, the last unit of my university life. Even though I moan about uni a lot, I don’t really want to leave now.



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