Unit 10 – Brief 1: Rest in Pixels – Briefing

Yesterday was the briefing of Rest in Pixels. We all spoke out our ideas so far and had a general discussion about each.

I have done some more thinking about my project and what I want to say. Previously I wanted to investigate the change that occurred in online social networks after a persons death. But the aim of my project has changed more towards, how people cope with death online.

Personal I would not want to go onto Facebook and let everyone see my feelings, as I am aware that whatever you write on the internet will be judged therefore I don’t ever really write serious thoughts or feelings. Especially if I was upset with someones death, the last thing I need is to worry about what people think of what I have said.

However I do feel that it is beneficial for people to post online, especially within Facebook/ FB Memorial pages, as there is some kind of connection to the deceased that is not there in reality. For example if I am a persons Facebook friend and they pass away, I am also connected to them until I delete them as a friend or until something happens to their profile.

Some people write on walls/status’/etc to the deceased as they feel that the message is actually going to that person, and that somehow where ever they are, they might be able to see it. I for one do not believe in god or a proper after life, but it is comforting to believe that if I send this person a message they some how could read it, so that they are up to date etc.

When people post online I don’t think they do it so that everyone else can see, but it is purely because of that literal “friend” connection, and that if other people see it, it is because that it just the online space available and it being public is a sub feature.

So I feel like my projects intention is now to create a flexible system where people can mourn in a personal way which caters for their needs.

Now I need to come up with two solutions for this… with 5 visual examples for each!


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