Unit 10 – Brief 1: Rest in Pixels – Solutions

Now that I have summarised my intention down to  – Traditional Mourning vs Digital Mourning – I have loosely figured out what the two main solutions could be.

First off I have basic data.
One thing that I found out yesterday was that each day on twitter there are 340 Million tweets, and based on an estimate of a 1% – 24hr sample of RIP hashtags, I have found that around 1.5 Million tweets contain RIP within them. This piece of data shows how much people write and contribute online about people who are no longer with us. ( I was also looking at facebook but there is not a definite number of memorial pages or even RIP groups, you can get a guess of how many people have died since their online profiles, but this doesn’t mean their page has been memorialised.)

Secondly I have old vs new.
I have looked at the way people mourn throughout researching this project so I have a clear list of what traditions have been in place when mourning someones death. I have focused mostly on the Christian type of funeral, as this is the only kind I have been to therefore I have some facts and first hand experience of this process. I also have come across the new process too. RIP tweets, Memorial Pages, Memorial Websites, etc.

Now that I have these two directs of how I can organise my information I must create at minimum of 10 visuals to explain my intention.

INTENTION: Traditional Mourning vs Digital Mourning

SOLUTION 1: Using the data collected about much death is talked about online – which evidences our new found mourning outlet.

SOLUTION 2: Using the traditional and new mourning rituals found to evidence the change in they way people mourn.

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