Unit 10 – Brief 1: Rest in Pixels – Research, Pixels, Visual

For convenience, pixels are normally arranged in a regular two-dimensional grid. By using this arrangement, many common operations can be implemented by uniformly applying the same operation to each pixel independently. Other arrangements of pixels are possible, with some sampling patterns even changing the shape (or kernel) of each pixel across the image. For this reason, care must be taken when acquiring an image on one device and displaying it on another, or when converting image data from one pixel format to another.

Pixels are set up in a grid system already – two dimensional grid.
Therefore my idea of multiplying them would not really work as pixels are already a set size and sit in a specific position relative to other pixels. But I can represent the idea of data and pixels by using squares.

– drawings –
When you access this website you are not really there to look in depth at what each person has said about someone else, maybe the first few tweets are there to be read, but the rest are there for effect. Allowing them to all be read is no different from just going onto twitter and searching the R.I.P hash tag. So with my site I want to allow the mass to be more predominate than the individual tweets.







So I have two kinds of things I want to try mainly, which I will try to create digitally/more precisely; 1. A layout where the newest tweet is displayed but as soon as another comes to replace it, the old tweet turning into a block/pixel that can not be revisited. Just a representation of that tweet. 2. Showing mass through the text, just having the words written with no squares or boxes just raw content with the exception of maybe other colours to show the different tweets.
With these two ideas alone I have a lot more experimenting to do, such as colours, typefaces, grids, etc. More experimenting, analysis and some technical competence.


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