Unit 10 – Brief 1: Rest in Pixels – More Visual Experiments

After making quick mock ups of the full-page-text-layout I have decided to go back a bit a make something more structured which shows clear navigation but still trying out different approaches to representing the tweets.
When researching into web design, one of my friends suggested this website called lessframework.com It contains a grid system that is flexible, and due to this flexibility it means that a web design can be consistent across all displays. At this moment in time I’m not so concerned with lots of devices, but perhaps keeping this in mind will help when trying to represent my vast amount of data and also save design issues later on.

Less Framework is a CSS grid system for designing adaptive web­sites. It contains 4 layouts and 3 sets of typography presets, all based on a single grid.

lessframework_comWhile having a think about the design of this site, I also want to keep in mind “what is the point” of this site, what is its use? who will visit it? why will they?
Firstly I don’t think this is a site that people go for leisure or to be informed (in a traditional sense) but a site that brings awareness of a point, I have to remember that I am using a website as a digital platform to create a space to collect other people twitter data. So perhaps I am better off looking at non-tradtional websites.

I’ve done some quick sketches to try and think of visual ways to represent the data. Which I’m still struggling with. I think what my next plan should be to pick one sketch/ idea and then create it as a proper layout/ mock up. This way I can really see what works and what doesn’t.
I have made progress though, typography! Using hierarchy to represent the date in which the tweet was posted.

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