Unit 10 – Brief 1: Rest in Pixels – More Visual Doodles 1.1

Surprise, surprise i’ve been drawing again. I think with this project I need to set myself a definite deadline for example by the end of today I need a digital mock up and tomorrow will be the day I may edits and that will be it as I am dragging this out.

The drawing I have done has been productive, I have been looking at how I show that each “pixel” is a tweet and what number they are, as the amount of tweets is the most important part. I thought about literally numbering them but then I run into a problem as the square is going to bet a set size, so when the number reaches 1000,000,00000,00000000000000 (for example) It wont fit. Also the issue of each time the tweets update, how will they move across? Below I went for the straight forward approach of the numbers literally moving across one each time a new tweet shows up. However this is going to happen so quick as there are hundreds of tweets hash tagged and posted in a short space of time.

20130105-111947.jpgI thought about then updating the tweets in a set. For example if the row has ten squares, until there are ten new tweets, a new row will drop down. Sort of like Tetris.


I then had a think about what this site actually needs in terms of visuals as well as what it needs to do – actions. This way it was much easier to draw up some ideas as I knew exactly what I needed to include.

20130105-112000.jpgContinuing the numbering theme, I also thought about ignoring the automatic update, so the user could look at tweets displayed as soon as they entered the site, but there would be an refresh button as well as notification so that the user new that there was 1000 new tweets to be added to the site. However I do sort of run into the issue of what if I run of of space? I think I need to work out some alternative for numbering unless I write 10K+ rather than the exact number…

20130105-111956.jpgI also thought it was important for the user to be able to click on each tweet and have a look at what they say, and from this they can scroll across to neighbouring tweets. I also thought about numbering the tweets, but these once again would have a problem in fitting into the box.

20130105-112011.jpgAs the tweets will be hidden I need to create a visual that will show what the box contains. I think simply the box just displaying #R.I.P will be the most effective, as this shows what the content is as well as when all the squares are viewed in a how section, it will slightly represent a memorial wall, with endless amounts of tributes.

20130105-112016.jpgTo concur the numbering issue I think that I will include breaks within the text that show 100k etc to give a rough idea to the user of how many tweets there actually is. However I may also move the sign posts to the side, as I don’t want to interrupt the scrolling process, so having the posts at the side will allow the marks to be a bit more subtle.

20130105-112021.jpgEnough drawing, time to make a mock up!


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