Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1

The spring term starts today.
6 Weeks until Mid-Point assessment.
10 Weeks until we break up for easter.
& I’m already having a mid-life crisis over writing my self directed brief.

It should be focused on “Situating your practice” and from this we have to “Develop a substantial body of work that has a strong rationale and articulates your priorities as a creative practitioner.”

So we have to write a brief on something that shows an exploration and investigation of projects and they must also show the purpose and relevances of our work.

As this is only the second self directed project I have done at university I thought I’d go back and use the process tested before to generate ideas. I looked at inspirations, interests, what is good design, and concerns as a designer.


Many of the ideas/words that popped up centred around what I wrote my dissertation on. I have a feeling that I still have a lot to explore with typography, systems, structures and standardisation. Maybe all design to me boils down to these elements. It’s hard to tell if I still have unfinished business with these ideas or if i’m just rinsing the hell out of them. My dissertation focused on systems and structures within society and how typography played a part of this.




After summarising my areas of interest I tried to answer the questions put to us by our tutor;

What do I want to do?
I plan to investigate how organising information into a system can create and reinforce meaning.

I wish to look at information design as we are bombarded with information constantly. Visualisation is an interpretation of meaning. It is a subject that everyone relates to whether they are the designer creating the system for the content or the user interacting with it. Information design has a key importance, it must be understandable otherwise it does not fulfil its sole purpose – Informing & Communicating. I find it interesting that the meaning of information can be altered depending on the visual appearance. Using systems such as typographic hierarchy all contribute to the way information is displayed and as well as understood.

Researching into typographic systems, typography details, hierarchy, semiotics, design elements, language, culture, meaning, medium, design decisions. From this research I plan to analysis the information to then aid my generation of ideas. Ideas will then result in experimentation, analysis and this process will go back and forth until a solution that fits the brief is created.

Problems anticipated?
None as of yet

Day 1 – Briefing
Day 1-3: Research
Day 4: Idea Generation
Day 5-7: Making/ Experimenting/ Analysis
Day 7: Swap Tutorial
Day 8-10: Making/ Experimenting/ Analysis
Day 11-14: Making Finial Piece
Day 14: Final Crit

At the moment I don’t feel like my brief is specific enough, I need to make more of a focus within what I want to look at, I have my reasons why I find this area interesting but not really what I want to look at.

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