Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Project Reasoning

Information Design, Wikipedia,

Information design is the practice of presenting information in an efficient and effectiveness. The term has come to be used specifically for graphic design for displaying information effectively, rather than just attractively or for artistic expression.

Information Design, Design Council,

A great deal of graphic design is concerned with information – how it is presented, navigated, understood and used. Sometimes information is quite technical, such as medication instructions; other information might be quite dense, such as bus timetables. Information design is the discipline of laying out and displaying information, whether it be simple or technical, so that it is easy to understand and is usable.

An information designer’s role is firstly to organise information – to set up a hierarchy of importance and prominence – and secondly to translate this structure into an effective and appealing piece of visual communication. Applied Information Group creative director Tim Fendley explains: ‘Information design is interested in quite complex things. It is interested in things that are functional. It is often portrayed that to be functional, information needs to look boring, but I am of the belief that it doesn’t; it can be beautiful and functional.’

‘Graphic information design is a specialism within graphic design, where the designer studies how people react to words and images in different formats and enjoys exploring how designing different ways of presenting information can impact a person’s response to that information,’ says Sunita Yeomans, creative controller of publications at retailer Argos. ‘An experienced information designer will present information differently depending on the target audience, understanding differences in information processing between men and women, old and young, cultural groups or demographics.’

Corinne Pritchard, Simply Understand,

I believe inform­a­tion designers are ergo­nom­ists. If that’s even a word. We make it our jobs to make some­thing that’s not just func­tional, but better than func­tional. Helpful. Transforming.

10 Challenges Facing Information Design Today

 The only real concern is how long the “infoviz” party will last. For others such as myself, what is really at stake is the integrity and future of the information design profession, but without clearly spelling out the main challenges that need to be addressed today, blazing the way forward will prove a very difficult task.

I have boiled down my observations of information design today to ten key challenges, with some overlap:

1. Overproduction
2. Misunderstanding
3. Undervalue
4. Fragmentation
5. Scarcity
6. Amnesia
7. Misappropriation
8. Commercialism
9. Commodification
10. De-Humanisation

This blog post by Michael Babwahsingh brings up some really important points, I totally agree which what he talks about within the post. I feel that this serge towards information design / info graphics is due to trend, and trends put design at a risk, fashion creates a barrier stopping design being taken seriously as a genuine subject.


1. What is the future of information design?
2. How will information design look in the future?
3. Will the traditional subject of information design cease to exist?


Successful Information Design

Information Design


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