Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Summary of Brief Before Sign-Off

Finally getting somewhere…

What do you want to do;
Challenge the merging relationship that information design has with info graphics.

Why you’d like to do it;
Because I feel that the integrity of information design is being jeopardised by fashionable info-graphics. The term information design and information graphics are used interchangeably and I feel that these two areas are quite separate; they are different parts of a communication system within graphic design. Information design is not just data and statistics turned into stylised vectors. Information design is when a system or organisational structure that is put in place so that meaning can be easily gained from content. Time tables, forms, medical packaging are all pieces of information design but it seems that the term information design is not being used in this sense and is being used in favour of lavish illustrations that do not necessarily communicate information well.

Why it is relevant;
It’s relevant to me because I would class myself as an information designer therefore I am naturally concerned with the future of this subject area. I feel that it is relevant to design as it is important to understand the practice before situating yourself within it. It is also relevant to design as throughout design specific practices become popular/trendy and then are used in the wrong way, for example Swiss design / Use of helvetica. I feel that this is happening within information design; over production, undervalued and de-humanised info-graphics are turning up on the internet daily. Therefore this boom in generic stylised visuals could potentially damage information design and graphic designs fight for being taken seriously as a genuine academic subject.

How you will be going about it;
I will be researching and looking for information via the internet on blogs as well as dedicated websites – such as David McCandless – “Information is beautiful”. I will also be searching for video presentations and interviews with people raising issues or interesting points regarding information design. Also I will be looking at books that look at information design such as “The Form Book ” by Borries Schwesigner

Problems you anticipate or encountered already;
Issues that I may encounter is that I can not find an answer to my question / That this is not really a question. Also if I do not have the technical skills to complete the project – e.g digital. Finally time, if I run out of time before I finish my project.

Thu 10th Jan – Briefing Sign Off
Fri 11th Jan – Research
Sat 12th Jan – Ideas
Sun 13th Jan – Experiment / Analysis
Mon 14th Jan – Experiment – Mock ups for presentation
Tue 15th Jan – Interim Crit / Feedback
Wed 16th Jan – Work on feedback
Thu 17th Jan – Experiment / Analysis
Fri 18th Jan – Experiment – Mock ups – Tests – Analysis
Sat 19th Jan – Designing piece
Sun 20th Jan – Designing / Finalising piece
Mon 21st Jan – Manufacture / Production
Tue 22nd Jan – Final Crit / Feedback session


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