Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Making Jam Method 1

Before I started my jam making I decided to look through the recipes and see what I thought seemed like key points of the text. Naturally things like time, measurements, ingredients were circles as well as the processes – stirring, pouring, mixing. By going through them I could see that these things kept cropping up as the most important parts of a recipe. I also made points on where I felt the recipe seemed complex as well as what parts seemed straight forward.

20130111-181529.jpg20130111-181627.jpgLet the jam making began!

20130111-181708.jpgI started off with what seemed the easiest and quickest recipe. That was the microwave method. Also when starting this cooking session I recorded the start time, as well as how many times I looked at certain piece of information, how I felt during the cooking time, also other things like smells,sounds, etc.

Start time: 4:49pm – End time: 5:39pm

20130111-181802.jpgI hadn’t got all the bits out that I needed other than the fruit & sugar as there was no ingredients or utensil list with this recipe, so it felt a bit hectic at the start. I also had to reread the second line 4 times, the same goes for the third, for some reason it seemed quite hard to remember the process.

After this mad stage of not remembering anything, I then had to do stages 3 – 6 times, this bit got a bit tedious as you are literally waiting for the microwave to go off so you can stir the mixture again. However towards the end of the repeated stage, the times had to be shortened as the mixture was going to boil over, so instead of every 3 mins it was every minute.

In this recipe it seems like time is a big part of it, where I know for other recipes you stir it maybe once every 15 mins, therefor this one is quite intensive as you have to be there waiting for the timer to go off.








When looking back at the analysis I did before cooking and after, there are differences to what information is important and which bits aren’t so. For example the times like I mentioned before, they important in the first bit of analysis but even more so in the second. The recipe seems quite straight forward but when actually doing it, it is a lot more chaotic than it seems on paper.

Time to make jam number 2.

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