Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Making Jam Method 2

JAM – Round two!

I made my second batch of jam using the second method which was pretty much to warm the fruit and then add the sugar and then heat it all up and that was it really. Below are the pictures I took during the process, and these pictures literally show what I had to do, it wasn’t as complicated as the microwave method, there was only one time I had to take it off the heat and stir. compared to the 10 times with the microwave.






Sadly I did not get as much as I hoped as I got too cocky with leaving it to boil and it caught on the bottom meaning that I lost some of the mixture, and it was also a bugger to clean.


I followed the same analysis system as before, trying to record the whole process of making the jam.


From the pen marks you can see that its pretty frantic when trying to jot down what I’m thinking, perhaps it would have been better to use voice recording? Or even video  so that it was more obvious what my movements and process was, and then I would only have to say how I felt rather than try and scramble it down.

Things that differed from the microwave method, was that there was more time waiting, rather than 3 mins, stir, 3 mins, stir. This method meant I was waiting 10mins then stirring, and after another 10mins that was basically it. Also it smelt and sounded different. The raspberry and lemon you could smell constantly, as where the microwave trapped the cooking smells in. It was also much quicker, only 25mins to make where the first method took 50mins. However there was one line that I reread 6 times as well as going down the list and back up again, as with this recipe it felt like you needed to be one step ahead as you didn’t repeat the same steps like in method one. So generally there was more waiting between steps, but took a lot less time to make.

Tomorrow I will start method 3 – where I have to sit the strawberries in sugar overnight. Clearly that recipe it going to take much longer to complete as there is be 12 hours or so between standing the fruit and starting to cook with it. I have some ideas already of how to display the information so I will start to work on that, but so far I am happy with this project, I feel like it was a good idea to actually test out the recipes, rather than just guess how what it would be like when creating the jams.

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