Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Making Jam Method 3

Photo 13-01-2013 13 22 13 Today I finally finished my jam making experiment. I started yesterday, but as the instructions say you have to leave the fruit to sit in sugar over night and then start the real cooking the following day. The sitting the fruit in sugar is optional but it does help the fruit retain some kind of shape rather than the two previous completely mushy jams.

Photo 12-01-2013 17 06 50Photo 12-01-2013 17 15 36

Above: Saturday Afternoon
Below: Sunday Morning

Photo 13-01-2013 11 58 19

This jam making session seemed different, not just because of the change in method but also the way I acted. In the previous two jam sessions I seemed all over the place, rereading every line 10 times, but this time it seemed much more relaxed, yes I did reread some parts, but I think because this is my third go at making jam I pretty much could tell what I was meant to be doing. So perhaps I wasn’t following the instructions so rigidly.

Photo 13-01-2013 13 04 34

It was quite a slow process, obviously because of the whole – leaving fruit over night – but also having to do everything “gently”, stirring, heating, pouring, etc. I guess the whole point of making jam is meant to be a relaxing process, it is not really meant to be a rush job or something that you do under prepared. It’s something you do on a weekend.

Photo 13-01-2013 12 08 20

Above: Pre-boiling
Below: Post-boiling

Photo 13-01-2013 12 16 16

Photo 13-01-2013 12 31 29

After all the jam making I feel pretty informed about my content and what I each to say. Now to start visualising it.

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