Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Research: Type Choices

Picking typefaces must be the most difficult job on the planet, even with an intention and a reason for picking each typeface, it is still difficult to narrow it down as many typefaces do a similar job. Either way I have narrowed down my choices.Typefaces

Source code Pro

Source code Pro is a typeface used for processing and programming, its a developer typeface. I feel that this typeface fits well into my idea surround technology, digital and modernity that is associated with the use of the microwave. I wanted to choose a typeface that represents digital but without the cliche of the exact font used on the microwave clock, or the pixel inspired typeface. I think that the digital aspect is quite subtle.

League Script Thin, Comfortaa & Bariol 

League Script Thin is a bit over the top for my second method. When following the second recipe I felt that it was a lot easier as you literally bunged everything into the pan and boiled it until it was done. It felt like a simple recipe that someone could of jotted down to give to a friend. So really Comfortaa and Bariol are more suited to what I want to represent through my typeface choice. They are both clean in design as well as personal, not to ridge or geometric to feel mechanical and overly modern. I personally favour Bariol due to the more natural style when in italic.


Rockwell was my first choice when considering what typefaces represented solidity. In the final recipe it requires you to leave the fruit and sugar to sit together so that osmosis does its magic and the fruit absorb the sugar so that when boiling they retain their shape, rather than mushy messes like the other two methods.

These are not my final typeface decisions yet, as I would like to discuss this with my peers to see what they feel about the recipes and the process. Perhaps they may see the processes differently to me.


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