Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Visual Idea Development .3

After the disappoint of my first idea ( which was to be expected as the first idea is never the best!) I decided to push on with the second as we have been advised to “think through making” which seems to be working. As if I never tested or created my first idea as soon as I did I wouldn’t of known how bad it would of looked. I am now looking along the lines of visualising my cooking process, but not as pie chart! I am looking at how I can simplify the process to just visuals.

However, I don’t feel as though the visuals need to be a stand alone thing, they can accompany the text. Perhaps the space/page/layout can be split into two areas, one that has visuals and one that has text, this way you can have a quick summary and overview of the process by looking at the visuals or you can read more in depth about what the process entails.

I started by looking through all the recipes to see how many times adjectives related to the cooking method came up. Some words were practically the same: stir, mix, swirl (!?) so I just assumed them to be the same. Words like mash and wash are not used as often, so perhaps they are not as necessary to include as a visual. I tried to keep the drawings simple, however there does need to be some detail within them, for example the process of making jam you need to simmer, boil as well as hard boil the mixture, so it is important to be able to represent these.

I tried a few quick sketches of each adjective that I collected, it was quite a good exercise to try and draw a process without any words to describe what was happing. From there I decided to try my best and draw the each method with as little or no words at all.

20130114-182031.jpg20130114-182057.jpgFrom the image above its clear that I am not the best illustrator. The image above it meant to be the testing stage of the jam, when you apply it to a plate and test its wrinkly-ness, or how set it is. Even though my drawings weren’t the perfect set of visual icons, it was quite funny and enjoyable to do this process.


I took inspiration from the drawings that I did before and tried to create an icon system that could go along with my recipe instructions. The most difficult to represent were the butter and sugar – hard to represent when trying to avoid words, however if I missed the words out these icons would make no sense at all, especially if you were new to making jam. Also I think the test icon is great, I took inspiration from the Facebook poke icon, as you literally poke the jam when you are testing its set-ness. The time icon is quite difficult to visualise too, as I am not just representing a generic time, or that time is passing, I want to show different amounts of time. The simplest way I can seem to find is just having the number in a circle – for now anyway, perhaps I will get some feedback in tomorrows mid-crit that will help me out.

I think next I should look back at the text and try to figure out which typefaces I should use, and what the intention of the information is. It’s been a productive day. So far so good.

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