Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Visual Ideas Development .1

This morning I have been doing some more drawing, in an attempt to try and visualise time.
Visualising time is quite difficult due to there being typical clichés such as clocks, timers, etc. I went through the motions of drawing out these clocks and timers in an attempt to be able to think pass them. So far I am thinking along the idea of having the recipes sit along a time line as this is a lot less subtle than putting a clock next to each step, it also allows the recipe to be seen as a whole. It is put in context, you can see how the steps sit in relation to each other as well as how long the whole process will take.


I also was trying to think of other ways to represent space, and I have some to the conclusion that I literally can’t. I really can’t seem to think of another way to show time elapsing, other than the literal space and distance between each steps. I tried to look at the time used for each step, as a mass rather than an empty period. For example, at the bottom of my sketchbook I drew out various sized squares which would represent time – Bigger the square, the more time used for that step. I am not sure if this is the right way to go about representing time as I feel as though that the size might suggest that the step is more important than the others, rather than it taking longer.


I am going on to develop the idea of using squares to represent time length, as well as the idea of a time line, also thinking about splitting the information into separate parts, 1 being ingredients, times etc. the other part being process, doing etc.

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