Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Crit: Mid-point

Today was the first point when seeing everyone else’s projects so far as well as explaining my own to more people. I got some really good feedback and things that I should look at, below are the points that someone else kindly took down for me.

– Visualising time: Good Idea
– Recipe Books – You lose your place then reading
– Text to image ratio – EXPERIMENT
– You will find the solution by doing this
– Dirty cook books are the most used
– Space for amendments, personal channel in recipe
– User appropriate design
– Complexity, how to interpret this, experiment
– How to communicate complexity for usability
– Respond to user needs and requirements
– Respond to the experience
– Old recipe book research – Perhaps scrapbook style
– Design elements to express time
– Food Photography

So the key point raised was that I should experiment more with other elements within the cookbook / recipe, such as personalisation, making notes on the recipe etc.

The time plan for my project now;

Wednesday: Researching recipe books more so as well as food photography
Thursday: Experiment with type, layout, visuals etc
Friday: Continuing the process of experimentation
Saturday: Work towards a few visual outcomes, start to think about materials and medium
Sunday: Finalising best solution
Monday: Making/ Printing


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