Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Research: Old Recipe Books

Recipe books used to be a functional item that you could make notes and amendments to. Now recipe books have become a precious item that do not really relate to the process of cooking. The material used – high gloss paper is not really functional as you can not write well on this with pencil. Also the design of cookbooks now focus on the photography, the visual appeal of the food. They say you eat with your eyes, but there is no way your food will look exactly the same. The design of cookbooks do not invite you to make notes of the process or amendments to the measurements or cooking times.

When I was following the process of making jam I found that I wrote lots of notes, such as changing the time I spent boiling the jam, as well as notes of the consistency etc.
After discussing in a group at todays crit it was agreed that perhaps the use of space to refer to time could also be the space which allows notes taking, as you take notes while other things are happening, for example when I was waiting for the microwave to do this thing, I wrote notes for my analysis so it seems like a good place to start my experimentation.





  1. I blogged about an old recipe book some time back over at TheBigForest. They really are a fascinating trace of often forgotten social and personal history. I’d not really thought about the visual ellements of the notes and additions. Interesting creative spark there!


    • Thanks! They were comments from people in my group, I don’t usually write on my books so I hadn’t thought of it. I will take a look at your blog 🙂 thanks!


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