Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Experimentation: Icon Mock Up

Attempting to quicken the pace of my project I thought I would begin to look at the icons I sketched earlier in the week.

Heat: Simmer, Boil, Hard Boil & Take off heat.


Fruit: Strawberry, Raspberry and Blackberry.


Time: 5mins, 10mins, 1 day – overnight


After creating this I feel that I am now questioning whether I even need icons, or am I adding this for visual effect? Am I over complicating the process rather than making it easier for people?

For example, my icons do not seems like the easiest visuals to depict. I have tried to use the basic practice of semiotics, but even still it is quite difficult.

After discussing with others about what my project is about as well as the icons created they were curious to why I had icons, if I had the text of the recipe as well. Which has obviously lead me to question myself, if I answer honestly, its probably because I am worried that I do not have a lot of information to design.

If I try to strip back everything about this project and what I think about it. I think that time is the biggest point as well as issue within cooking. Time is what makes things go right or wrong. Over cooking is when the thing has spent to much time cooking, and the same for under cooking, and time can be useful when cooking. Knowing the preparation time, cooking time etc. You can see that time is an important thing when cooking as there has been an influx in books that focus on time : Jamie’s 15 minutes meals, jamie’s 30 minute meals etc.

So now I am thinking about revisiting the time icons and forgetting and moving on from the others.


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