Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Experimentation: Layouts & Type

Currently continuing experiments, decided to get the paints out to get quick colour rather than keep using just fine lines to suggest there is colour. However I still need to push my layout further as they feel a bit to similar and rigid .20130117-193207.jpg

On the upside, I think I have found the typeface that I want to use for all 3. I think from the previous suggestion of using three typeface is a bit much, so I will stick to the one and try to express the process through typographic elements.


The typeface I have chosen is called Quicksand, it was a free font, I wanted to use another quick similar however it was around £100 per weight, which is a bit drastic for my project. I chose this typeface as it feels like the right balance between the clarity of a standard sans serif used for information design, but also seems nicely rounded, more human and warm than something totally geometric. I wanted a hybrid as this is information design but I recipes are written by people for other people, so personality should be present.


After I printed out all of the various types I considered using I thought it would be best to make use of what I had and try various layouts with the pieces of text. However it was a bit restricting because the line length was full width.


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