Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Experimentation: Shape & Colour = Time

I’ve been experimenting and doodling, basically trying to draw or visualise time, which is super difficult. I have come to some kind of conclusion that time is a constant, it doesn’t stop at all, even when we stop, it keeps going.

So when we are cooking or doing something that requires the recording or measuring of time we aren’t really affecting “time” but we are just putting markers on it. Like plotting ourselves or what we are doing in relation to other things.

I’ve attempted to visualise both this idea of time being two things, as well as looking at how to represent the different amounts of time. For example the dark the colour the more time has been spent on doing that process…

20130117-165953.jpgAlso started a bit on layouts in an attempt to see how visual and text may go together. Still need to experiment some more but I think I need to use proper text and some colour to really see what I am working with.


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