Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Experimentation: No words


Today I have been experimenting and drawing to try and represent visual grammar with no words, and just using positive and negative space.

Initially I started off with my recipe layouts and tried blocking out the text to see how the layout looked in terms of space. I kept on developing this until I totalled the amount of positive and negative space. The way the text was laid out meant that the text to space ratio was pretty even. 20130121-164313.jpgI started my drawing test (?) too. I tried to represent visual grammar using lines and squares, focusing on black and white. I think this was a helpful process, however some of the drawings are similar, such as Line and Continuity… I will try and visualise just my recipes and their process with black and white space and see how the turns out. A lot these experiemnts remind me of Swiss Modernist graphic design, so I will look into this era and see what the reasons were for the style.


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