Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Ideas: Slight Change in Direction

This project has been quite a roller coaster, at the beginning I though it was going to relatively easy to investigate and create. I was totally wrong. I have done lots of experimenting but none of this has helped me decide what I should do other than what I shouldn’t be doing. I could have made something quite quickly and nicely designed but I don’t feel like that would really be doing the best I could. By taking the easy option would not be pushing myself or even proving my theory right – Design should be informed by content.

I think I have been finding it hard also because I don’t know what the experiments lead to, therefore when they lead to nothing or not really helping me decide what direction I should take, I then lose my confidence in what I am doing and then doubt that I can do this project at all, which wouldn’t be good considering I set the project for myself.

So taking the project back a few steps. I have been constantly banging on about using space to define time, therefore it must mean that the process within a recipe is the solid part? Or more so that the process is the space, and the time is the negative space. The next few experiments then are going to revolve around how process and time can be shown through positive and negative space.

For now I am just going to experiment with shapes and black & white and see how I can use visual grammar to get my message across.

Space & Form : Line, Plane, Mass, Void, Rhythm, Order, Sequence, Unity, Fragmentation, Regularity, Irregularity, Activity, Passivity, Space, Randomness, Continuity & Interruption


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