Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Final Crit : Before, After & What’s Next

This project has been a personal nightmare, mainly because I let it become like that. I was absolutely dreading the crit as I felt like I have nothing to show so I knocked up some layouts just to show I had been doing something. I weren’t happy with the pieces I produced, and I think that was pretty evident in the design itself.


After making my plea for help in the crit I got some great feedback on my sketchbook as I had so much experimentation but I couldn’t see the wood for the trees. Literally I think I was drowning in experimentation therefore I become totally indecisive. I really needed someone to set me on the right path. So from the crit I found some main points I need to work on.20130124-113910.jpg1. Stop trying to do too many things e.g using type to illustrate & looking at information design.
2. Needs more expression, it needs more of me within the out come, how I felt about the process.
3. My sketchbook is lively but this needs to translate into my final piece.
4. STOP BEING SCARED! I have everything there I just need to use it correctly.
5. Think practically.

After thinking for a while and chatting with everyone one I have now refined my project/come up with something new.

Aim: To create meaningful design that responds to the content.

Intention: To create a piece that responds to the process of cooking a single jar of jam.

Solution: To use this content to inform the user (cook) on making their single jar of jam. This will also work for people who receive the jam so that they can create it themselves.

Curation: Info graphic, visualisation, illustration, typographic, Packaging, label, box, bag, cloth top, recipe book, booklet.

I think the main issue I had with this project was that I was trying to ignore information graphics, but perhaps it is better for me to confront the issue of information graphics. I feel that many info-graphics are meaningless, they are created because they look good. Therefore I was trying to avoid them as I did not want to be a contributor to that area. However maybe it is best for me to push myself, and show how I can make a meaningful and good example of information design. This would link well with the colleges marking criteria, as it asks what does this project contribute to design, and I think setting a good example is a good enough reason.

First things first : Find recipe and must make more jam!


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