Unit 10 – Self Directed Project: Brief 1 – Research & Ideas

During yesterdays crit Nick Felton was mentioned. He is an information designer by profession as well as in his personal life. Felton has done some really interesting work such as these wine labels below. There is also another set. This label shows the temperatures as well as rain full for the wines. This is a really beautiful label as it conveys information as well as serving a informational purpose.

From this piece of I have been trying to come up with my own informative system, perhaps it maybe a label but I am unsure at the moment, I am just trying to creative a design in response to the process of making jam.

After doing a few sketches, I felt that there is quite a flow and a linear process to making the jam, you don’t generally repeat or go backwards in the recipe. However I did find that step two, was next but it did not follow quite so linearly. Therefore I felt that this step needed to be slightly diverted from the process but still included… it was a step that also ran parallel to step one. Also with step 5, this step is only necessary if the test in step four does not work. For me, step four went fine so I did not need to continue to step five, however there maybe some people who will need to go to step five, therefore I can not remove it, but it does not need to be as predominate as the other steps.



Gradually I have reached a stage where I believe that a system similar to a flow chart would be suitable for what I am trying to communicate. There wouldn’t be yes or no questions as I said before it is pretty much a linear process, apart from two steps that divert slightly. I started looking at time as well as distance and tried to incorporate some the experiments that I have done previously into this layout and design; such as the distance between the circle steps, the smaller circles sitting outside the main circle to give focus on time too. I chose a circle to represent the steps as when cooking you are using saucepans, therefore I thought this worked well to mimic the shapes. There things like times are circular due to a clock face, and the tips are in a square/rectangle as this is normally where you would refer back to an instruction page. Plus I would need a different shape so that it was clear what was a step and what was just some additional information.


20130124-205933.jpgI still need to experiment more with the layout and how it looks but I feel that I need to mock it up more detailed to be then to see what real changes I need to implement. Also while doing research I found a great site called seeds – where you can select colour palettes, previous to this I already knew that I wanted something, warm, bright and friendly, exactly how jam should be. So I will try to use these colours generated from this image and will see where it goes.


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