Unit 10 – Brief 2: Authentic Visual Identity – Briefing


A series of steps, actions or functions performed or directed to some end.

“How can an authentic visual identity be constructed through any media?”

Briefing : a debate

Interim : own brief, build on the question, with intentions, proposed processes, and tasks I have set myself including restrictions. Must bring experiments already done. Also must be conscious of what my experiments are trying to achieve and the purpose of doing them.

Final : a finished piece.

Notes from briefing…

– branding and authenticity.
– logo and story of the brand… each brand has a story.
– visual identity just the visual aspects of the identity.. branding is more commercial… identity applied to the commercial world.
– branding is sales.
– logo’s then corporate guidelines, graphic detailing.
– All changed due to marketing…brand sales they saw this… image sells products… a lot of marketing with research : story, brand values like objectives usually four words… try to defines themselves. brand attributes are four words the values are sentences. brand aims and aspirations. goes deeper into brand hierarchy and architecture. Brand narrative.
– marketing – brand proposition – what it stands for what it wants to do, what does it bring to the people.
– marketing, branding, advertising happens. The advertising carries on the brand message, what do they want to tell the public? Their quality message etc. Brand promise, from advertising…
– There is a whole science behind marketing and branding, they set up the foundation, the visual stuff is the result of the process of research, who the audience is, who is the target, this is a business and this is the process they have to go through.
– You usually get a lot of information for big brands.
– smaller brands may not have this info. so you have to ask the questions and find out this stuff…
– Understand the tone of voice, what way they want to come across.
– All about truth in the brand, marketing etc.
– Whole process, how much truth is there, are they an honest company or do they lie to buyers.
– Authentic brand delivers on their promise, genuine, clarity, etc.
– Sustainability is a popular thing.
– Adbuster…
– Visual identity – once it is made, colour, type, image world, photographic style, define a way that you portray yourself.
– establish a relationship with the customer, or the audience/user/visiter who have the brand experience – brand touch points… events or exhibitions, interactions between the brand and the public – the message is being delivered.
– book – cool brand leaders.

Project :
– take a brand who is authentic and deconstruct and analysis and what makes it authentic.
take a brand who is completely and show why it is false.
investigate what it means – authenticity. its subject in graphic design… different opinions. Experiment: You interviewed someone and made a brand for them and then they did the same for you. But you would brand yourselves first.
– could be brand busters instead…
– how authenticity in brands should happen…
– UAL – is it a true representation of what the university is? does it shows the arts… the group of universities…
– Creating a new corporate identity for the UAL brand… a students perspective. Research: questionnaire. Values, etc
– evolution : the process of going from what someone wants to be seen like and then making that happen.
– who they are as a person…
– remember to check if mark emails us with the list of websites as well as books.
– shows where they are before… ” its not about us its about you ” human, for the people… integrity : craftsmanship… they do what they promise.
– authentic , quirky, heritage.
– when doing a redesign it is surrounding the brand guidelines… manuals, books, leaflets, poster, type, space, colour, photography,
– so looking at ual as a whole, but remember that there is separate campus’
– question what they have already… the grey, corporate identity.
– what they want to do, how do they want to be seen, what they message they want to get across, etc.
– images, type, etc how does the media affect the authenticity… packaging, colours texture type, wine labels, each bottle is different… because the design is generated from the content – advertising… select a part of the bigger picture…
– next crit : a lot of research probably the better – lots of work! three or 4 days on intense research: show the research and bring an idea of what you are doing and the beginning of the work – sketches…
– limit the scope of the research… so rewrite my own brief that I am interested in. Define the restrictions. Also have a plan or strategy : try to have some physical work to show.
– come up with an issue / problem with a brand : and then define.

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