Unit 10 – Brief 2: Authentic Visual Identity – Research: UAL Seen as Vs Should be

University of the Arts London 

Our vision
Is to be an international centre of excellence, promoting effective learning in the Arts and supporting the University of the Arts London community by developing teaching, e-learning and pedagogic research.

Our values
We are committed to a culture of:

Diversity and inclusion
Mutual respect

This is how UAL see’s itself, and wishes to be seen. These values do link with various values within each colleges “about us” statement.

I have asked other students what that think of UAL, and here are the responses so far (Which aren’t many…);

It’s currently;

– Typical
– Simple
– Direct
– Very Black & White
– Structural
– Functional but doesn’t fit purpose
– Unoriginal
– Corporate
– Bland
– Boring
– Serious
– technological
– Mature

It should be;

– Needs colour
– Needs to reflect art school
– Fun
– Bright
– Creative
– Unique
– Collaborative
– Diverse
– Culture
– Other Backgrounds
– Specialists
– Youth
– Creativity
– Freedom

I think of UAL as;

– something I am not apart of
– a name for admin purposes
– anonymous

I wish for UAL to be seen as;

– A hub of creative students
– An umbrella for all the colleges
– A collaborative institue

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