Unit 10 – Brief 2: Authentic Visual Identity – Self Written Brief

Brief: To redesign the University of the Arts London identity.

Aim/Intention: The aim is to reflect the diverse collection of colleges within the UAL institute.

Approach: To create an identity that incorporates the creative spirit of UAL while maintaining the authority of an educational institute.

Content: Using UAL’s values, as well as the individual colleges aims to create an identity that is coherent to the subjects that the colleges provide.

System/Structure/Process: Idea generation, concept, experiment, visualisation etc.

Curation: Visualisation of values and aims.

What it means for my audience: It means that they will be able to see visually what the UAL institute is about before looking at say the website or prospectus to understand that it is not just one uni, but many.

How does this relate to my intention: This relates to my intention as I wish to focus on a redesign that reflects the different colleges within UAL.


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