Unit 10 – Brief 2: Authentic Visual Identity – Ideas


After creating this mind map of all the things that UAL is, I had a few ideas that sprang to mind;

– Spectrum of people / colour

– Mind map of connections / social / collaborative/ network etc

– Also map of diversity / unique etc

– Connected like dots/grid/pixels/tessellate

– All the little bits make up a whole.

-Bright, fun, fresh! But diverse Shades. There is green but you have 100 shades. Part of one group but all individual.

From this ideas I started working on drawing them. Just drawing out what diversity looked like, how connections looked etc. Initially I was fixed on geometric shapes. I think this is due to the graphic approach, as well as the idea that these shapes could possibly need to connect or tessellate together.


I looked at triangles as there are 6 different types, and this idea fits well with the colleges. They are all UAL, but they are different. Such as a Triangle could be an obtuse or an acute or a right angle, but ultimately its still a triangle. I discussed this idea with others however they did not seem so convinced by this idea of using this particular shape, the connection wasn’t clear enough.

From there I looked at what I wanted to communicate : that UAL was made up of 6 colleges that are different: they are part of something bigger,


Focusing on the number 6 restricted the shapes I could look at, such as a hexagon or a cube. A hexagon is supposedly a strong structure when grouped together with others, so I didn’t feel like this supported what I wanted to say. Also if I took away one side, or separated the lines /colleges the shape falls apart.


The cube is useful as a visual metaphor. UAL has 6 sides / parts / pieces to it, as does a square. You have 6 separate faces that when connected create a solid shape ( UAL ). This is what I mean when I want individual items that add up to make something bigger. A plane of cube can be seen on its own or connected to the group.

I plan to experiment and research further into this form. But I must be aware not to favour towards one university. All colleges – planes should be visible in one way so that they are all as important as each other.


Also it was made aware to me today, that a good way to be productive is to think that a client is requesting the work and that they email every few days asking for an update on where the project is at. Below is what I plan to have ready for my client by tomorrow night (7 days worth of work) In a PDF presentation form :

1 ) Written and finalised brief inc time plan
2 ) Basic research & analysis on what identity is inc. branding
3 ) Research into UAL as well as other colleges (mood board)
4 ) Ideas and thoughts on the route the identity can take
5 ) Visual generation of ideas working to a finalise concept
6 ) Research into concept and visual research (examples)
7 ) More developed sketches and experimentation of identity

Towards Thursday maybe I will have more application and testing on this identity across media… Probably need to think of where this identity will be placed for it to more complete and whole for friday.

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