Unit 10 – Brief 2: Authentic Visual Identity – Idea Development: Spectrum

I started to looked at spectrums and attempted to visualise them. I tried to put the colleges in some kind of order e.g Which colleges had the most in common with each other in terms of courses. However I was still caught up with the idea of cubes and nets! So I tried to leave that behind a bit.

From here I started to play with the physical form of a cube, by  deconstructing the cube to see how it looked and how many sides would be visible. From this I went on to look at just having a piece of paper, divided into 6 squares and playing with the form.

And this is when I had a happy accident. I found that the paper spelt out UAL so I started to play with this.

I will work on this some more and see whether I can separate the squares to create something new.

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