Unit 10 – Brief 2: Authentic Visual Identity – Research: Spectrum

I have started looking at another element which could influence the route that the identity may take.

Spectrum is a word that came up from the mind map, this was linked to terms like diverse and unique etc. These terms are important as they connect with what UAL is really like. It is a collect of 6 colleges that are all different but are on the same wave length.

Spectrum has quite obvious visuals and it has been drawn many times in science books. It is also a common visual as it contains all 7 colours therefor it is quite bright, which people seem to like.

Lots of brands especially go for this spectrum name and identity as it clearly represents diversity. I feel like that UAL is made up of 6 colleges but they all have a difference. 6 institutes that vary, and build together to make something else… UAL


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