Unit 10 – Brief 2: Authentic Visual Identity – Interim Critique Feedback

Below is the feedback that I received today after presenting my work.

– Try creating an installation. Maybe like a physical sculpture.
– Maybe more abstract.
– Seems like a fair representation.
– Need to see application of identity.
– Experiment with 3D.
– Consider the geometry and its implications.
– Maybe consider UAL as two faces / Creative & Institution.
– Try highlighting different sections.
– Making the a more visible.
– Counter attack the geometric shapes.
– Think about how to include the colleges names.
– Be careful…make sure it doesn’t look childish.
– How will it work with social media.
– Look at optical illusions.
– Shape feels a bit weak.
– Use a different typeface / colour for each college.
– Maybe use the shapes to make a random shape for each college.
– Colour is super important.
– Its a challenge to find the balance between creative and academic.

Nice positive things said :
– Well thought out
– Consistent thought process
– Interesting research
– Great idea / clear presentation
– Very impressive

For the next critique :
– Show the brand experience: People actually interacting with it.
– Need to apply it to somewhere, more experimental. Website : moving logo?
– Can also include a letter head, business cards etc. However this isn’t very exciting.

Time Structure for next week :
Sunday : Continue playing with shape, how this could be different for each college, play with colour, tone of voice, maybe also look at type.

Monday : Finalised shape/logo, with colour for showing people tuesday. Continue to work on feedback as well as show typography experiments.

Tuesday : Show people work, get feedback and work on and finalising the logo as well as the typography system. Also decide what I am applying the logo to, in terms of branding. Try maybe make an animation for the shapes.

Wednesday : Decide my own guidelines. Take photos of spaces where branding can be placed.

Thursday : Make all the branding pieces – examples in situation.



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