Unit 10 – Brief 2: Authentic Visual Identity – Finalisation: Mark and Type

Yesterday I started off the day thinking that I had pretty much finished my mark and that the type (in my opinion it was pretty good)was fine. However feedback from others suggested different so I had lots of to work on to try and make the mark and the type correct. Really it was the typography that was letting the piece now, it felt really awkward and the scale was really odd too.
So after a lot of reprinting, edits and tweeting I managed to create something I was happy with. (See Below – they maybe random sizes as I created these files for my projection experiment)

I was developing two ideas one that included the greyed out shapes and the rest that removed the greyed sections totally. After all the tweaking and editing I felt that the shape was just too awkward to use everywhere, it was quite restricting. Therefore I decided to go on without it. Perhaps I may use it on the UAL website – like the previous animation where when on a specific site, the colour of the current college stays and the others fade back.

I have used grey for the UAL when accompany the colleges as I don’t feel like this is the most important information, however it does have to sit above the college name, as all the colleges are under UAL as an umbrella.






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