Ideas For A Project

Yesterday when I was at work with my dad, we had a conversation with the owner/salesman of a Firm. We were talking about his trip to devon last week as he has a home there too.
He was telling us how he took the tube from New Spiterlfields Market – So Leyton Stone to get to Paddington, however for some reason or another he was unable to take the route that he is used to. This caused some issues. The owner is coloured blind. He really struggles with seeing browns and blues, they end up just looking grey. Therefore when he was attempting to figure out which line was the Bakerloo line using the key, he was unable to do so. He said that he had to ask a stranger to show him which line it was, and that he felt quite embarrassed, as if people might think he was stupid.

We was talking and thought it would be a great idea if there was a tube map for those who are colour blind. After a quick google search, there is one – see below.

However, this map is only online, here is what the TFL states

We produce a range of guides in alternative formats to help you plan and make journeys. All of the guides can be obtained free of charge by completing the order form below.

I feel that this isn’t right, why can’t these maps be available within the station incase a situation like above occurred. I guess it could be seen a discrimination against those with a visual disability.

So I could for my self directed brief, propose a new map that is multifunctional. It caters for those who have trouble seeing different colours as well as remaining an iconic visual piece that uses colour for those who can see it well.


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