Unit 10 – Viva Presentation

Link to my PDF


This week consisted of presenting my work in a PDF format to my tutor as well as another tutor.
I had 5 minutes to speak about 3 projects. Some how I managed to talk about them in just 4, meaning I probably missed out really important things that I was meant to say.

This assessment is to tell us where we are with our work, if we gave it all in now at its current state, the grade we are given is what we will get if we gave in this work in may…

I predict that I will get a C, because I already feel that my work is much better than last year, I do far more experimentation that I used to, and I have also looked at other materials, not just print items. However I do no have any final outcomes… other than the UAL logo, but this isn’t really a finished brief.

One part of the presentation that took me by surprise was the fact that I was asked questions. Stupid to assume that there were not going to be any. The questions I was asked were : What do I want to do after university. I responded “Get a job” but apparently that is too vague. So I continued to mention that I want to work in a multidisciplinary studio. Then I was asked what one! Obviously I was on the stop and I literally could only think of Johnson Banks, as this was a studio that I researched a lot when looking at the UAL rebrand.

So the questions didn’t go too well. As I didn’t prepare, however I have had a longer thing about where I wish to work or with anyway;

(Just put in alphabetical order)

– Jamie Wieck
– Johnson Banks
– Kent Lyons
– Mat Dolphin
– Moo.com
– Someone
– Why Not Associates

Obviously I understand that this options may be totally unrealistic, but I am still going to contact them and ask for a chat, perhaps bring my portfolio, even if to get some feedback on my work or tips on how to get a job!

Its starting to get worryingly realistic that myself and probably a million other graduating students will be looking to get a job in design at the same time.


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