Unit 10 – Brief 3: What is your message to society?


For this brief, you are asked to conceive and direct your own project in response to a question set by one of your studio tutors, based on the community of practice that they represent.

Suggested Research

Almost 50 years ago, Ken Garland wrote a call for action, urging designers to question their priorities and purposes. The rest is history…

First Things First Manifesto 2000 (1999; 1964)
Ken Garland http://tinyurl.com/ydt5np

First Things First Revisited, 2000
Rick Poynor http://tinyurl.com/bxeak6u

First Things Next, 2001 (Emigre 59)
Rick Poynor http://tinyurl.com/awsxfrb

Last Things Last Manifesto, 2004
Choussat & Antonio
(Eat Sleep Work / Play) http://tinyurl.com/a2xfdpq

Last Things Last Manifesto, 2012
Ken Garland http://tinyurl.com/aj7x56c

Tutors Question – What is your message to society?
Tutors Practice – Typography & Language

– How type and language can be used to communicate a message to society…


Last Things Last

Design is better than fine art.

Designers are self-centered, but at least they know it.

Design must be playful, but it is to be considered seriously.

Work hard, play hard, do both at the same time.

Designers dispose and propose.

Design should be strategically thoughtful.


Never just do it, sometimes just do it, do it quick, do it right.

Never feel comfortable. Take risks. Produce original work.

The world is only black and white, there are no greys.

Burn your idols on a stick, and all your work while you are at it.


Fuck design, let’s dance.

Yes go ahead, take the last cookie.”

Basically the manifestos were about the value of design, the power that graphic designers have. Therefore they should use this power in a good way rather than just designing to sell things – consumerism.

I understand that graphic design is a great tool to communicate with. I have always felt conscious that the content of a design piece is important as it is this what carries the message. Design based purely on aesthetics is rubbish, it has no value and undermines the purpose and the integrity of design.

So, this brief is about how design is a powerful tool, where it can call people to action, change the way they behave, act or move.
As this project has to be linked with my tutors practice, I will focus on typography and the use of language. Now I just need to decide what I want to communicate to people.

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