Unit 10 – Brief 3: My Message to Society

The idea for my project came from a discussion during a student rep meeting.

Within the new CSM building there is a massive issue with mobile phone signal due to the mass amounts of concrete and metal. Especially within the studios, there is no hope of getting signal unless you are by a window, you may get a couple of bars.

The university has looked at purchasing signal boosters, however these are ridiculously expensive. We discussed if there was ways that students had over come this issue. Many said they had figured out where the best places were to stand – the bridges between studios – also one person had stuck tape to the floor to identify the exact spot. However tape may not be the best solution.

I considered this conversation, and felt that it would be appropriate to my current brief. My message to the central saint martins society/community/students is where these mobile hot spots are. I am informing them where they are able to send their own messages and make phone calls. It is not a massive grand statement, it is more like after I have created this system, it communicates the message that I have made a change within the building.

Initially this brief and the recommended research made me feel like I had to talk about my personal priorities. But I think the best way to express my priorities as a designer would be to show them. Its all well and good me talking about how information design should be functional, but it is vital that I prove what I believe.

Brief so far;

What is your message to society?
My message is to inform CSM students and staff of the location where mobile phone signal is strongest.

My intention is to act upon my priorities as an information designer by creating a system to aid and inform a community so that they are able to use their mobile phones.

My proposed action is to map the locations where mobile phone signal is the strongest.

This project is relevant as it allows me to express my views and values within my creative practice (Functionality, Purpose and Reason.)

What I need to do before Wednesday:

– Research; Maps, cartography, charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, data, guides, exhibition maps, multi-storey car-parks, Traffic maps, Science solar systems etc

– Research; CSM Building, scale, size, current map, mobile signal, networks etc

– Finalise brief

– Collect data

– Numerous solutions/experiments/work in progress/Print outs


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