Unit 10 – Brief 3: My Message to Society – Research: Central Saint Martins Campus

New UAL Campus for Central Saint Martins at King’s Cross

Status: 2011
Location: London

Client: University of the Arts London / Argent
Value: £145.0m

By Stanton Williams – Visit webpage HERE

The design combines the 19th century Grade II listed Granary building and transit sheds – with a 200 metre long new building that uses industrial materials and creates robust spaces for the students, full of natural light. An internal street draws daylight in and acts as a central circulation spine with suspended walkways, cafes, film, graphic and light projections. The spaces are designed to be flexible and ‘raw’, to allow the different departments within the college to develop their own identities, whilst maintaining the integrity of the buildings as a whole.

As a student here I think the building is fantastic, it is open, bright, and new. Many people feel that the building is too clean, but its like having a new mobile phone, you don’t want to get it scratched in the first week, you want to admire its newness! Eventually it will become more like an art school, but it shouldn’t be forced, people shouldn’t draw on the walls for the sake of it.

Even though this is an amazing building, its down fall surrounds the issues of mobile phone networks. Within the building it is pretty difficult to get a signal, when in a studio space you have no hope. These problems have occurred due to the mass of concrete and metal used within the building.

The floor plan is obviously a different kind of map to one that is used by visitors. They both map out an area but have different purposes. However by looking at this plan, I can’t really tell which part if the university it is displaying. It must be the street rather than floor 1+. However each studio is also different.

photo-3This is the map I found within the student guide, it gives a general sense of the building. Similar to the floor plan, but gives more detail to where specific rooms are as well as extra information such as toilets and stairwells.

This is a floor plan created for last years degree show. This one again has information that shows everything position in relation to everything else.

By looking at the already existing information, I do not think it will be possible for me to collect the phone signal data within the whole building within a single week, as well as for multiple phone companies. The building has around 10 acres of floor space, therefore recording all this data would be impossible for the size of the space. Perhaps I could then create a system that would be editable by the user, they could add points or locations within the building where signal is strong, as well as what mobile provider they are with.

For now, I think I will stick with the space that is Level two, maybe just studio K & F as I do not think that is open access, so it unlikely I can go in there let alone document mobile phone strength. This is actually another issue with the building your student cards do no always let you access all the spaces. This means there could be a problem, if I see on the map an area that states there is a strong phone signal, but an able to access that area, then it is no good. Perhaps it is a good idea to consider making people aware what spaces are open and freely available as well as which spaces are private studio or require card entry.


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