Unit 10 – Brief 3: My Message to Society – Idea: Making the Invisible Visible


Today has consisted of research. I’ve looked at information design, way finding and mapping in general. After understanding what a map is, I don’t feel that a map is really the right platform for my subject.

When thinking about the functionality of this project, I don’t think it necessary for a user know where all the locations are at one time. For example, if you were in studio k, or even floor 2, you would not really be concerned with where the signal points were on level 3.

I am leaning towards an installation or highlighting of an area. I am sure there will need to be some kind of way finding, as if the specific signal area is not in your view point you will need to look for it.
As well as this I am also considering how a physical system could be created so that a person is able to document or show their own signal hot spot, they could include information like carrier, network etc. How strong the signal was etc.





I went around the second floor to see if there were any marks that tried to emphasise a space, there wasn’t really many spaces that were defined by marks. Therefore I decided to move on and look at collecting data. And this act made me realise that you can not assume data.

While tried to record where signal was strongest, I found that on all bridges, it was pretty much the same. If you are in a space that isn’t the studio, you will get signal. This means that the building is just divided into two spaces, signal / non signal. Basically inside / outside, and it is only outside where you will get signal.



So now I feel stuck with my project. It seems have been simplified so much that surely it is common sense that if there is no signal in the studio then then will go outside of the studio? Perhaps I can make something that is merely a commentary on the fact signal is not accessible everywhere, rather than creating a functional system to help people. Something to prompt people into recognising that one area is more usable than another…


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