5 Things I hate about studying graphic design

1. Judgement

Creative subjects are subjective. Therefore the idea that design can be graded is wrong. What I think constitutes as good design will most likely differ from someone else’s opinion. Having a marking system in graphic design is accurate. If someones work does not fit into a generic category it does not mean it is wrong or not of worth. This judgement system leads onto self doubt and questioning, therefore lack of confidence which hinders creativity and enjoyment.

2. Reasoning

From the first year you are brainwashed with the idea that content is king, and that every project must have a solid concept for it to be deemed successful. This concern with meaning and concept is utterly draining. It is mentally draining when you end up spending a week of your project trying to understand, consider and define what you are doing, why and what is the value of it. Focusing on content and concept will sooner or later prevent you from creating anything. This point links heavily with Judgement. Some times it would be great if “Because I want to” was a good enough reason to be able to do something. The brainwashing of concept is ultimately crippling.

3. Forced Creativity

Within a design degree  you are expected to push the boundaries. This is fair enough if this is the individuals intent, however if it is not then you creating a level of expectation which is effectively a judgement system. Telling someone to be creative or experimental causes them to question their process. This means that the person will decide to be creative, however what this really causes, is the idea to conform to someone else’s idea of what is creative. It’s a known that you tend to get ideas at the most unlikely times, this is because you are not pressuring yourself to think. Trying to be creative constantly is not the right mindset.

4. Self Initiated Projects

In the last year of study there is a big emphasis on you as a designer being also an author. For some students this idea of creating whatever they wish is great, until all the elements of Judgement and Reasoning filter in after the initial excitement of freedom. The reasoning plays a huge part within these projects. Being an author of a project means that the projects are 100% you. Nothing to do with your tutors, or any lecturers, its all you. Therefore there is a lot of pressure surrounding this projects, as they tell a lot about an individual. Even though these projects are quite different from those set by tutors, you are still contained within a marking system. Hence the project will be deemed of value if it ticks the right generic boxes.

5. Resentment

After all the judging, reasoning, forced creativity through self initiated projects comes a long the feeling of resentment. What seemed exciting in the first few weeks of first year eventually changes and it becomes increasingly hard to understand why you chose the subject in the first place. By being over analytical of something eventually drains the interest and enjoyment from the subject.

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