5 Things I love about studying graphic design

1. Judgement

The judgement of your work is never a personal critique, it is about helping you become more knowledgeable about design as a practice. Subjectivity within graphic design means that there is a discussion between you and your peers. Having a perspective allows you to form a set of opinions and eventually go on to understand why you in believe them. By discussing work in a critical and analytical way, it forces you to be engaged with the subject as well as aiding you in becoming better at communicating ideas and thoughts.

2. Reasoning

Art Is Interpreted. Design Is Understood. 
There has been a long debate as towards the difference between Graphic Design and Art. Art is created to satisfy the artists needs. Design is to communicate an intention, aim or purpose for it to be design. When discussing design work there is nothing more satisfying than when you are asked “Why did you do that” and you are able to respond with a solid reason. Conscious design decisions are what set apart those from general designers. Originality comes from reason. Confident decisions with justification means that the visual outcome of any design project should connect fluidly with the concept.

3. Forced Creativity

If you are not pushing the boundaries, then you are most likely not pushing yourself to the full potential. Being told what to do is never a pleasant thing, but it is being said with good intention. Creativity is about doing things that you would not normally do. It is about taking risks and seeing what happens. University is the perfect place to make these Happy Accidents, there are no financial commitments, no clients with high expectations. Happy Accidents are the equivalent to the light bulb moment. But are more likely to have a Happy Accident from experimenting and doing things outside your comfort zone than an amazing idea popping into your head. Doing and not thinking allows creativity to self generate.

4. Self Initiated Projects

Graphic Design is changing. Designers are no longer people sitting at their mac visualising other peoples thoughts, opinions and ideas. Designers are people have their own voice, interests and outlook. Self initiated projects are a great opportunity to refine your communication skills. It also allows you to consider what kind of designer you are, how your design values connect with your day to day life and via versa. Self initiated projects are a chance to do what you enjoy before graduating. Once in the real world the opportunities to create your own work because you want to become smaller.

5. Resentment

After all the judging, reasoning, forced creativity through self initiated projects comes a long the feeling of resentment. But this is not really resentment. It is an experience that comes from over thinking and pushing yourself creatively as well as conceptually. Design is going to be annoying, frustrating, disappointing etc. Feeling this way towards design means that you are really questioning your practice and opinions. By understanding what you are resenting will enable you to counteract the issues. Pushing passed the feelings of resentment will eventually lead to gratification.


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