Unit 10 – Brief 3: My Message to Society – Design Bipolar

Design Bipolar
de·sign bi·po·lar
Attributive Noun; Disorder that is characterised by extreme episodes of Hate/Love towards design.

Today was going well with my change of direction, I thought I knew what I was doing with some degree of confidence. However somehow throughout the day this disappeared and I was in complete disappear about what I was doing for the project, as well as on the course.

I think I go through this stage within every project. I become immobilised with self doubt, flitting between ideas, concepts, thoughts reasons. Then in the end it’s a week later or so and I have no work just worries and everyone telling me to get on with it and bloody make something!

Today the peak of all my WTF IS THE POINT episodes. Angry, I decided that I am going to forget everything I have done for this project so far and just make something that expresses how F**KED off I am with doing design. After going through quite the therapeutic session of writing out my annoyances, I had a discussion about one of the points and saw that actually, the negative also has a positive side, even though I may not see it now. I went through the same words that I used before and tried to find the positive aspects of them. And to be honest once I started writing about them I can see that it is a clear love hate relationship, I just tend to go over board – hence the design bipolar.

So I am just doing this simple task of visualising/designing with the content I have written. Not over complicated just simply creating a design that is responsive to content.


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