Unit 10 – Brief 3: My Message to Society – Interim Crit / Change of Project

This is the first project I have ever had to change the direct of… This project is still about the CSM building but not about the signal.


I am someone who either has a lot to say or nothing at all. I am also responsive rather than a pure creator. This behaviour is clear via my twitter account. I respond to things I see, hear or experience…like everyone else, but I do so in quite a honest way. No going round the houses.

Taking inspiration from my many honest messages, I plan to respond to the CSM building. As this is an area I spend a lot of time but do not necessarily respond to. I also feel that it would be interesting to comment within the environment as then the context is maintained — unlike when I tweet, I am changing the context of the situation and the statement. Also when using twitter you are restricted to a 140 character limit meaning that important reasoning can be missed.

(The message is the Action: This will involve the act of responding to an environment.)

This project will be focused on the audience within the CSM building, I intend for people to engage with this statements. Whether by reading or even responding to my statements.

I intend to act upon my priorities as an information designer by creating a system to clearly show my responses.

– Research : responding to environments
– Places : find the locations or things I want to comment upon
– Write : consider and express my reasons why I feel that way
– Experiment : create evolving interventions



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