Unit 10 – Brief 3: My Message to Society – Experimentation: Print

It is always suggested that you do not think of the final format when creating design, however I feel like I have some good reasoning as to why I want to created a print based object. As well as this, I am trying to be less fixed on the process and allowing things to just happen. I have decided to play with the format before the content.

Firstly, I have written out my issues for and against design which I feel strongly about. However I do not feel that they have much weight when on the internet or in a digital format. I feel that if I have the words in a physical form or piece it changes my thoughts from a student rant to something substantial. By it being physical it is more permanent, not a fleeting thought. Of course the piece could be thrown away, but by it becoming physical means that my issues are not just my personal thoughts but more so a manifesto of opinions.

I have written quite a bit of text, therefore I feel like a book like format would be best. There would be far to much text for a poster, and really this book/print/publication is not really for anyone else but myself. It is a documentation of my feelings at this moment in time while studying des

20130308-165218.jpgI started drawing straight away to try and figure out what kind of layout the booklet could take. I was considering how the format could aid my message, to make it become something of value and worth.

20130308-165228.jpgFor some reason I just felt like the text would sit well within the page if centred and remaining quite small. I feel that the text and my opinions are strong so they do not really need to shout or to be bold in an attempt to seem solid. From drawing, I felt that the way the type was set, not to be as important as the actual artefact. I feel like this piece is an object of opinions, a piece of myself. Type is important but like said before, it doesn’t need to shout for attention.

This project is quite hard in the sense that I am trying to represent to different ends of one spectrum. Showing how the emotions of love and hate are the same – but different.

20130308-165240.jpg 20130308-165252.jpg I feel that my definition expresses well my issues with studying graphic design. It also feels like the mid-point between the two ends of the spectrum. The understanding of my own behaviour of emotions.


I kept playing with paper and how this book could work, some were successful, some were not.


I stepped away from the idea of books a bit as a book is an object that contains text/images in an order that communicates a narrative. My writing does not have a narrative. They are separate points that could be read together or in any order. I started breaking up the pages to see what this communicates.

Still struggling with the idea of a book as well as separate sheets I decided to look at different ways of folding paper. I didn’t necessarily want to create a poster as this piece of writing isn’t really for anyone, but it also wasn’t a book. I combined the two so that the piece initially looks like a booklet, but once opened it can display all the information. I will push this piece further, I still need to experiment some more with formats – what else is there other than print?

20130308-165402.jpg20130308-165349.jpg 20130308-171040.jpg


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